Client: National Heritage Board Singapore

Status: Competition

GFA: 13,500 SQM

Location: Singapore

Scope: Masterplan & Architecture & Interior & Landscape

Award: 2019 Shortlist As Top 5

On 10 Jan 2019, Singapore launches International Architectural Design Competition for Founders Memorial. The competition invites interested architects to submit design proposals for the Founders Memorial.  Five designs for the Founders Memorial to honor Singapore’s pioneer leaders have been shortlisted by a jury – out of 193 submissions. The 5 designs have been unveiled to the public since Nov 01 2019. 8DGE+RSP is delighted to have been made one of the 5 shortlisted schemes alongside with KKA, COX, DP and JPW.

8DGE’s design featured a circular form that rises out of a landscape podium. The architecture conveys both a contemplative yet expressive presence in the Bay East Garden of the Marina Bay area. 8DGE designed for a journey that not only looks inwards, a contemplative space where Singaporeans ponder on the beginnings, but also outwards, where set sights upon the future.

The podium is an open space where visitors are channeled into the center. This is called the origin: a symbolic common space for everyone, regardless of race, language or religion. Rising above is the circle, representing harmony and inclusiveness. The circle tilts towards the sky, as if Singapore’s aspirations have taken flight, against all odds. The journey cumulates in the viewing gallery, where a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline awaits, upon which Singaporeans reflect on their past and embrace the future.