Client: Shibei Hi-Tech Group

Status: Design Proposal

GFA: 125,000 SQM

Location: Shanghai, China

Scope: Masterplan

Award: 2014 WAF Best Future Office Shortlist

The 125,000 sqm Shibei High-Tech Service District project designed by 8DGE is a major sustainable masterplan for a prominent site at the heart of the expanding Shanghai Minhang district.

The scheme brings together a highly efficient, flexible modern office complex and accessible ground level retail and entertainment, designed and organized around a public park at the center of the development acting as a ‘green lung’ for the working community.

The buildings are laid out as a ring staggered volumes, promoting an open city block with perforations allowing for easy access from the street to its car-free green central area, which is lined with an animated array of exclusive shops and restaurants facing inwards.

The horizontally staggered composition of office spaces is providing for large-scale open office headquarter use as well as boutique office villas at the higher levels. The introduction of multiple ground levels in the form of accessible terraces provides a flexible architectural solution that can easily adapt to future changes in requirements of larger or smaller units.

The individual building elements are oriented to minimize solar gains and maximize views to its semi-public rooftop gardens and the central green space.

8DGE succeeds in creating a modern and open working environment with a distinctive formal language that incorporates a modern day flexible working environment with natural elements and public activities, extending into a vivid urban space. The project will establish an open, interactive workplace, rooted in a sense of place and community.